1991. May 5.

Establishment of the company

The legal predecessor of Prosper Software House Ltd (Prosper Software House Ltd Partnership) was established in the spring of 1991 by Hungarian engineers and software engineering mathematicians.

The goal was to create quality software and this goal has not changed in the past more than a quarter of a century.

1992. April 10.

The first foreign assingment for software development

The client was Black Ice Inc., NY. USA. The task was to make a graphic file managing (TGA) program package to a software operating with colour fax.

1995. September 1.

Bill Gates’ appreciation to Prosper

Bill Gates, founder and main owner of Microsoft personally presented Prosper the plaque for being the best Hungarian countryside distributor (the picture shows Bill Gates with Prosper’s then technology leader, István Görög)

1997. February 2.

Cooperation with Audi Hungaria Motor Ltd

In order to complete Audi’s information system Prosper created 16 individual software systems / applications for the fields of production, logistics, HR and finance


2002. January 2.

The first complex ERP system

2003. December 10.

Due to compliance with accounting rules and other legal requirements, the company was transformed into a limited liability company. The new company, Prosper Software House Ltd continues to be a full successor of the former firm.

2004. January 1.

Technological developments

Continuous improvements:

Microsoft # Linux # VMware # SQL # JAVA # JavaScript # Node.js # EDI # PHP / Bootstrap # WordPress, Prestashop, Grunt, Composer, SASS and more thin and thick client frameworks # Android # iOs

2008. January 1.

Group level ERP (software as a service)

The first international ERP system starts running (2008).
In addition to the Hungarian parent company system, each country has its own ERP with full functionality but facilitating the operation of the whole company group. Local ERPs increase the efficiency of procurement and warehousing in the first place while distinguish the regional diversities in sales.

2019. June 1.

Introduction of state-of-the-art technologies

As a result of several years of research and development, we have put together a development framework based on the latest technology. The system makes possible for devices with different processor architectures or operating systems to work together.

2020. January 1.

Efficient support

More than 5000 processed and closed cases in Prosper’s ticket adminstrating system

Process rate:


2020. May 25.

Sort-by-light – digitalized 2 step commissioning

Digitális segítség kétlépcsős komissiózáshoz

Our current highlights

Warehouse efficiency

Warehouse systems

High degree of organization, efficient product placement, fast picking, digitized solutions (put-by-light, sort-by-light), cutting edge software technology

Quality software


Software optimized for business processes, logistic solutions, systems with hybrid technology, individual web applications, mobile applications

Energetics consulting

Energetikai elemzés

Energetics administrating system, optimization and analysis of energy consumption


IT Infrastructure

Server virtualization and supervision, hardware and software supply, consulting, system administrating service

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