ProVIR ERP system has been created mostly for companies with trading activity and its goal was to provide the users with customized, high quality support regarding commercial, logistic, financial and controlling tasks. At the development our major points were functional usage, clear-cut and the ability of fully customization to your firm’s needs.

This is substantial because every enterprise is different so each of them needs a customized software solution. On-demand changes to the basic system (drafted below) are available at any time, any point.

The shown system is made for supporting a complex trading process, so thus means much less compromise than a “set of functions” put together. ProVir is NOT a trading and warehousing SOFTWARE but a complex SYSTEM, that runs data along a logical line, and has crosswise relations back and forth!

The functional diagram of the system is listed as follows:

Supplier module

Suppliers and delivery management

Supplier module:

Market information
Proposal making
Supplying plan
Invoice operations
Reports (goods, suppliers, turnover, procurers, invoices)

Goods receipt module

Warehouse receipts, warehousing management

Goods receipt module:

Receiving – storing in
Customs formalities – Option
Invoice operations
Reports (goods, suppliers, turnover, procurers, invoices)

Sales module

Product pricing, ordering, sales management

Sales module:

Consignment – Option
Invoice operations (delivery notes, delivery, home/export invoice, commission invoice /option/)
Reports (goods, turnover, margin, procurers, invoices)

Store module

Management of storage sites, warehouse movements, inventories

Store module:

Warehouse management
Manage transfers
Disposal management
Handling other exceptions
Supplier Commission Return – Option
Minimum stock maintenance
Barcode Export – Option
Inventory administration
Inventory circle administration
Outstanding Inventory – Option
Reports (item movements, inventory movements, bookings, turnover, top lists, invoices)

Aftercare module

Warranty issues and service

Aftercare module:

Set in – store in
Service administration
Invoice operations

Reporting module

Management and Operational Statements, Reports

Reporting module:

Master data queries
Traffic reports
Volume / financial daily / monthly turnover report
Turnover statement by item / item group / customer / customer group
Pending orders
Excessive items
Documentary reports
Unsettled invoices by customers
Financial reports
Inventory value in closed month
COGS-list for accounting
Favorites Queries – Option

Administrator module

Maintain system master data

Administrator module:

General settings
Master data tables (cca. 50)

Finance module

Financial management of sales, turnover statements, analytics

Finance module:

Customer account operations
Vendor account operations
Financial operations
Fulfillment of invoices
Post to Accounting – Option
Monthly closing
Clear inventory mismatch
Customs Decision Management – Option
Purchase and sales statement by tariff
Purchase of financial stocks
Item information
Customer information
Supplier information
Banned customers list
List of aged receivables
List of paid and unpaid bills
Accounting COGS List
Inventory value in closed month
Inventory result in value
Article turnover
Turnover of periods
Article top list
Top customer list
Accounts receivable
Unsettled invoices
Turnover statements
Inventory turnover

ProVir has several features that pick it out of the crowd. These are itemized:

  • Regulatory system: as the system is designed to serve the supported business process, it also manages the sequence of work phases in an integrated way, thanks to which the procedure defined by the company management cannot be violated. This can be amplified to a very deep level with permission settings. The result of all this is to improve the QUALITY of corporate operations, increase CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, gain a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE over competitors.
  • Reliable operation
  • Multiple layer authentication: users can be set-up to access or deny any function / window / input field / report
  • Data consistency: undesirable inconsequences are precluded by demanding design and make of data structure
  • Modular design: the structure of the system separates the business-specific functions from the outset, according to the supported business process
  • Fully automatized program updates on client machines (no need for manual copy or settings)
  • Structured build-up: the system also uses a separate menu system within the modules, where the module-specific functions can be found, but general information (e.g. goods, prices) is integrated in all logical places
  • Version updates or modifications come to the server through the internet remotely: remote access with short reaction time without field-work
  • Robust server background (SQL server): practically unlimited capacity ensures the trend-like data handling over years; it warrants the secure operation
  • Error handling: complex solutions of Prosper log themselves enabling any trace back, error revealing. Server failure reports are also shown in translated form.
  • Using bar codes: quick and error free data input
  • Native code: not a transcript or adaptation from other technological environment but originally designed and developed in homogeneous environment


  • Easy handling
  • Quick access without mouse at required functions (e.g. recording of orders)
  • Cooperation with related systems, e.g. dispatch to accounting, transfer of data to a customs agent or courier company, etc.
  • Electronic document handling (EDI)
  • Export to standard formats (XLS, PDF, CVS, XML, …)
  • Financial reports: one-click queries for management and financial controlling