Prosper’s core business is tailor-made software solutions.
We can be effective compared to others where non-template, average software is needed, as there are countless ready-made software for it.
A significant part of our target group is those companies whose more special or finely tuned expectations are not or not properly served by a ready-made software, especially those for which a boxed / individual enterprise solution has not yet worked.

Competitive advantages of Prosper:

Stable corporate background

The stability of our company’s operation is also guaranteed by the creation of economic funds and the necessary financial background. The company complies with the international AA rating of Bisnode (which is true for less then 2% of Hungarian companies).

Continuous learning and innovation

We work hard to always use the tools appropriate to the technical level of today (framework, programming language, technology). Our modern applications are device-independent, mobile-friendly, and thanks to our highly planned framework, they can be tuned regarding speed, security and design.

  • More than three decades (!) experience in software design and development
  • Exceptionally low support response times (usually within days) at the industry level
  • We won’t leave our existing systems alone
  • All projects are completed; in case of any issue we try to find the best possible solution
  • System approach

High level of organization

Due to having three decades of experience, we guarantee well-organized, regulated operation.

Integration and policy

Regulation: Since the software system is planned on the basis of the business processes, it integrates the task-sequences as well as the rights. This ensures the proper observance of internal rules stated by the management. Any user right can be set down to the level of an input field or the appearance of a given value on a report. Consequently this results in the improvement of operation’s quality.

  • Workflow-based system design and development
  • Customer-centric attitude, flexibility
  • Continuous and effective communication with customers and partners
  • Established organization, internal working methods, internal standards
  • Innovation, use of the latest technologies
  • Financial stability

Some technical features:


The system logs most of the important transactions and events in the background. This makes certain user actions to be retraced thus improving quality.

Remote controll

Both support activity and software updates go through the internet, avoiding the costly and long lasting personal intervention. Web and mobile applications start up always with the latest version, like client programs of robust client-server systems refresh themselves automatically before operation.

Local / remote printing

When printing is needed, local / remote printers can be assigned to certain printing tasks (like invoicing or commission-listing) thus using the same printer from any PC of the company and avoiding shuffling of papers.

Advanced controllers

In order to effectively reduce wasteful working hours, we can use sophisticated filter panels and state-of-the-art controllers.

Electronic data transfer

The data connection to partners or authorities (supplier, customer, transporter, customs authority, etc.) goes electronically, as a result it ensures a faster administration and reduces the risk of human failure.

Going green

For the sake of paper savings all lists or reports are basically printed into files or can be previewed instead of hard-copy.

Access management

Not only can authorization levels be defined for each window, but you can set different access to a single button or input field, and even set for instance a low authorization so that no information is displayed.

Our authentication server can handle both AD-based and database users, as well as Google, Microsoft, or Facebook authentication.

Data transfer

Software data for further processing can be exported to standard office formats like XLSX, PDF, TXT, XML, CSV, JSON.